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All models are still available through the Shapeways link in the top corner.


Welcome to Final Gamez web site. This started out as my portfolio site, an over the years I have started putting my own work on here. Things I have been working on for myself. Be them ideas for games or just random miniatures and models that I have been doing in my free time for fun. Not everything I create is always gaming some things are just random bits I have done to just give me a break as a change is always a good way to give you time to think. While i used to cast and mould my own miniatures after sculpting them the traditional way I have been using Zbrush for over 5 years now and with the expansion of additive manufacture and 3D printing hubs I have started to release my miniatures that are for non mainstream games and my own projects into the world. Not everything stays on the site here for long but they are available from my ever expanding shape ways store: Link at the top. I am also open to job offers and free lance work. As I said this did start life as my portfolio site. Oddities and Collectables: Random collections of models and ideas that just don't fit into any game system. Pieces designed and created just as ornaments. Short run creations and promotion bits will appear in here from time to time. Why we use 3D printed Technology. We are able to do far more in detail with 3D Printing technology than we can with hand sculpting and moulding, though we do actually produce models in both formats we can get a lot more into a 3D Print than we can with an old fashioned hand sculpt and mould. Our greatest example of this is the model known as Spikey, the head of which would never work in traditional moulding due to the vast amount of undercuts within the spikes. Districts: Gang based skirmish game based in the distant future of mankind a mid its colonisation days. Build your gang and take them on a journey of discovery creation and holding their regions from different gangs trying to pry the valuable resources away from you. Final Earth: What happened after the humans left the Earth? Herenkoa: Humans have all manner of stories about monsters and creatures. Herenkoa is just one of the possible explanations to what the Gods did first. Work In Progress: Things being worked on, road maps and art work for different projects. Some of this may appear some of it may not.