District Miniatures.

Posted and printed by Shapeways 3D printers.

These are concepts for models for the District Games.

Different scales are available via Shapeways Store.

Resin Versions will be available.

All models sculpted and designed by D. Parrish.

District Miniatures.

Series 01 miniatures in 28mm, 45mm and even 90mm are still available through our shapeways shop front.

Light Armoured Spikey.

Discovered as a young-ling in the industrial zone of Phenocian Central City District.

No one has ever worked out where he came from or what even his species is.

We say HE but it is still unknown even to Spikey what sex he is if any.

Over the decades since he was discovered he has grown to a little over 8' in height and become incredibly powerful.

His strength is incomparable to a normal Human.

This though has lead to certain groups wanting to hire him for "Help" with jobs and work and made him a very profitable mercenary with in the Phenocian secter.

He's never been able to wield a weapon without breaking it but he has never really needed anything more than his fists to sort out any issues.

Though if he gets angry an charges with his head down well, it takes a while to remove the unlucky soul from atop that spikey head.


Spikey is in Heroic Scale and is just a little under 40mm in height.

An will fit in with 28/34mm Gaming models.

This is a light armoured variation.

Portsider Ganger. Heroic Scale (34mm)

Portsiders are the clear our crews for shipping ports, both planet side and in orbit.

They wander around the loading bays protecting the freight from alien infestation and thieves.


Normally armed with a Sionis pattern pump action shotgun. Though they also carry a small side arm pistol. Some do upgrade to Sionis Rifles.


This miniature comes with the Sionis Shotgun.


The body is also sculpted to take the helmet though where the helmet
fits into the body, there is also a hole for the head to be placed instead of the helmet.


Heads are part of the Series 2 Upgrade pack. Which comes with three heads and two Sinois pattern rifles, one with a clip and one with a drum ammo feed.


To the right are a couple of variant special weapons characters.

Bother armed with Flame Throwers.

Top one carrying a more industrial design.

Lower carrying a more homemade feeling variation.


These are designed for the District Game System, but they will work in any
Sci-Fi  based table top war game.