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Groups, Gangs, Companies...

The Universe, was meant to be settled by the human race, expanding out from Earth the home world of most humans. An would carry on acting under the home world. Well that was what was to be believed when we step out into the stars to discover for ourselves that we needed to know and see......


There is a few tiny technical issues though....


No one knows what happened to Earth or even where it is meant to be. Turns out our understanding of computing and AI was not as good as we thought.

Or the engineering be that the case.

Some ships reached their destinations, maybe a few centuries outside of what they were meant too, some activated in transit due to "issues".

Some are still lost in the vastness of the universe.

The idea was they would depart Earth and within a few decades make planet fall,

Though it is believed the Earth held some of the greatest scientists, mathematicians  and engineers, a great majority of the original were concepts but the planet was running out of resources and time. Which means a large chunk of things might have been rushed.

The first off planet were the private companies. Trying to reach new worlds faster and claim all the resources with plans to sell them back to Earth at greatly inflated prices.
Last of the planet were the colony ships from each country that could afford to send them into the darkness of the unknown.
But then... Well....