The game of 5 on 5 skirmish gang warfare.

Create your group, build them up and fight for control of your District.

Three possible ways to play.


28mm Scale Standard war game model size though the actual models are closer to 30mm in height and generally referred to as Heroic Scale.


50% or 45mm scale, the scenery is the same size for heroic as for 50% scale, slightly higher detail and larger models though all able to still stand on a 1" base.


3UP or 90mm Scale. All miniatures start life as 90mm sculpts, (We say all 90mm sculpts generally represent around 6' in height for a character) Some models are taller some are shorter, depending on species and back grounds. Then get reduced down for the smaller game scales so 50% for the 45mm and to 32% for the heroic scale.