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Sit young ones, let me tell you the story of how our way of life came to be.

The truth and history of the way back when.
Before the ones from where the cold winds blow came.

Before we became the Spines, when we were still just warring Tribes.

All with our own purpose and our own ways.


Before this war began there was another war.

A war that saw brother fighting brother.


Each of the different Tribes had their own ideas.

The hunters, the gatherers, the thinkers, the fighters and the wanderers.

The gatherers created farms and homes, the Fighters would raid them and tithe them, never wanting to producer there own but they would take with force, the Thinkers created new tools, ideas and weapons and traded with the Gatherers, the Hunters would trade with the Thinkers, but would also raid the Gatherers, and defend themselves from the Fighters, then there was the Wandering tribe, it never stayed still it travels as far as the mountains where the glow falls to where the ground becomes impassable from the ferocious crash of the bitter tides where the glow rises once more.

These fights raged for so long, passed down by voice, in tales older than elders elder, before we forged together and placed this history upon the stone. Once we had joined as the tribe and become one as we should have always been. The Skotra, The Pirance, The Intrish, The Nirail and The Etrenal. Then from where the cold winds blow, over the mountains and into the outer huts they came bringing war. This is when we laid down our arms and linked them together to defend these lands of ours from those that would see them taken. Then as now we stand as one Tribe.

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