District Core Rules: Coming Soon. In a Free to download PDF.
Gangs and Ganger’s.

Across all Districts, all Planets and All of the Universe there are Gangs.

They might be human, they could be Alien.

Alien is a bit of a broad term as on some planets humans are considered Aliens so we will just say there are many many species in the universe and they all form groups or Gangs.

Humans Gangs.

The Core Rule Gang.

In the core rules you will find how to create your first Gang.

This will consist of Five Members.

Without these Five there is no Gang.

Alien Gangs.

Found in the printed book.

Gangs of Aliens both Humanoid and Non Humanoid can be created.

They consist of Fiver Members.

Without these Five there is no Gang.

Specialist Gangers

Planetary Gangs.

This is a mix of species.

These can be created with members of Different Races from the main book. Though if you roll the wrong leader traits you could end up having some issues. Xenophobia is always an interesting trait.

Gang members can be specialised.

The founding Five as always must survive, though you can expand to incorporate new members over time.


You will always need some specialists though for certain gear and upgrades.


The guy in charge, usually the first founding member, who decided that this group was a good idea.

Though they may not always be the ring leader. Four of the Five some times decide to mutiny.

Only the founding Five have any say with gang politics.


The gang inventor, heavy weapons guy, if you need arming they will be able to find the bits.

With a Welder you gain more access to more gear and as they get better known they have more items they can gain access too.


No respecting Medic of Doc is ever going to have anything to do with a street gang, or even a crime family.

But then a disgraced Nurse or Medic might be pursued to join your cause.

An as time goes on these handy con men and women will be able to sort a lot more than a sprained wrist.

Who’s to Hire or Hiring

You can always pay to make up the numbers.

There are usually the odd people in your region that will be willing to lend a hand if you seem to be a little short.




Sometimes you might just need some one with a heavy hand and there are people on these worlds with skills, skills you can use for a price.


Trade Houses.

Trade houses always need jobs doing. Though they never want to get their hands dirty or be linked back to the work required.

Human Law stops the trade houses interfering with each other directly.

But they will hire to fix problems they may have within themselves.

District Policing.

This varies from world to world and more how long the world has been inhabited.

Some times individual gangs take it upon themselves to look after their own Districts, sometimes it's a planetary defence force, sometimes it's no one.