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Sionis Traders or Pirates?

The Ship Sionis was originally built by the Haddronian Corporation. Designed to carry a crew to the Phenocian system, where it was to set up mining and mineral relays. In order to resupply Earth with all the minerals it could acquire.
Two things went wrong with this mission. Firstly the crew awoke a few years to early and did not have enough supplies to last them awake until they arrived and secondly the different departments which were housed upon the ship had very different ideas on how to survive.
Amazingly though they did manage to survive and thrive, being the first ship technically awake they could readjust the course and landed and terror formed early. The wrong planet but still they did manage this and being a massive mining ship which was expected to use minerals and materials where they landed in order to build and then send excess back to earth they were very quickly able to start building a home for themselves.

Also with that much tech on board. New fleets of ships, new equipment was very quick and easy to manufacture once they had gotten themselves settled.

Though there were still the arguments falling outs and the splintering of the occupants into many different factions.

Tie this in with the never receiving a return message from Earth and each group began taking things into their own hands.

This isn't all bad, they started to build a trading empire, a pirate empire and a manufacturing empire. Why all three?

Well that was how the departments split that was a lot of what the arguments were about they were first to awaken they had no way to talk to the home world as well as being on the wrong planet.


No one actually knows where the Sionis Group are based. It is a closely guarded secret by each of the departments and one of the only things they actually agree on.

Traders: They decided to trade and supply to the Districts through the systems. Seemed like a great way to do business and to make some profit allowing them to survive out in these new worlds.


Pirates: Why build it when you can steel it.. With the tech they had weapons and armour were never a problem so instead of bartering lets just take. It's a thought and it is what they do.


Manufacturing: Well traders need to trade so why not create the supply means never having to travel far and always having a steady income.

But this is the reason's you see so many gangs and groups carrying Sionis pattern weapons and equipment.
Because they were the first. They won't be the last but for now there are the first.
An of course it isn't all fun for these three departments, because while they will trade and deal they have very different views on the universe in general and more often they end up fighting and warring amongst themselves as well as the rest of the Galaxies out there.
That and the Pirate regime never like to actually pay for anything.