The Districts  Cover the entire Universe.

From small back water little planets which have only been recently inhabited, with a few hundred thousand inhabitants, to worlds that have been in place for a few hundred years, with populations in the billions billowing industry and manufacturing into the atmospheres of their skies.


Within all this mass of human expansion and creation there are really only a handful of possible inhabitable world types.


An Each of these worlds gives to unique and interesting game play structures.

Telluric Worlds.

The most common places for Humans to inhabit.

They are the most Earth Like, The gravity might be slightly different, the oceans may not all be salt water, but they are as Earth Like as you can find with lush vegetation, deserts and oceans.

Ocean Worlds.

A World that is over 95% water based, a few of these have been colonised over the centuries, though they are usually used a fishing worlds or scientific colonies that have long lost their way.

Desolate Worlds.

Vast Desert worlds, these were colonised by accident, due to the time it took in the early days to travel great interstellar distances by the time the colonists arrived the world was already a great dust ball of sand and heat. But as they were there they set about building a world.

Frozen Worlds.

As with Desolate worlds this was the reverse of what had happened when the colonists arrived, it is possible these worlds have entered their own ice age or the sun is has started to head to it's own great sleep.